Fast Facts: Our Fact Sheet

The goal of the Missouri Product Stewardship Council (MO PSC) is to reduce waste, increase reuse and recycling, save local governments and taxpayers money, and support jobs. The PSC’s objectives are to:

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information regarding existing and proposed product stewardship programs.
  • Educate government agencies, organizations, institutions, legislators, and other decision makers on the benefits of product stewardship.
  • Provide effective leadership on product stewardship initiatives in the state, including developing and recommending product stewardship policies.
  • Coordinate, support, and participate in product stewardship initiatives locally, regionally and nationally.

To make progress towards these goals, PSI and MO PSC participants will:

  • Assess and prioritize material waste streams for product stewardship action;
  • Establish baseline metrics for priority materials infrastructure, collections (volume/weight), costs, consumer convenience, and other measures of program success;
  • Increase knowledge about product stewardship and best practices for managing priority wastes, such as electronics, packaging, household (non‐vehicular) batteries, mercury‐containing thermostats, textiles, paint, and plastic bags;
  • Develop an expanded network of educated product stewardship professionals in Missouri, engage them in coalition activities, and build partnerships to support product stewardship initiatives;
  • Design and implement specific waste reduction initiatives based on the coalition’s priorities;
  • Collect end‐project metrics for priority materials and compare them to baseline metrics to assess the project’s impact.

By coordinating and implementing product stewardship regionally, the MO PSC will lay the groundwork for long‐term waste reduction, increased investment in infrastructure, and improved quality of recycled content feedstock. At the same time, MO PSC will support growth in waste reduction, reuse, and recycling industries in the state.

Get Involved

Integrating a product stewardship approach into Missouri’s waste management system requires a coordinated, multi‐stakeholder approach through an active, engaged MO PSC.

The MO PSC holds monthly education calls on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10:00 central time. To learn more about how to join the MO PSC and participate in our monthly conference calls, contact our Leadership team or Brendan Adamczyk at the Product Stewardship Institute.

Check out our past meeting notes for more information.