The Product Stewardship Institute

The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) safeguards the welfare of people and the planet by working to minimize the health, safety, and environmental impacts that result when consumer products and packaging enter the waste stream. PSI serves as Coordinator for the Missouri Product Stewardship Council.

PSI is a convener, reaching across boundaries between the public and private sectors. Together with our hundreds of government members and more than 120 partners (businesses, NGOs, and academics), we research, design, implement, evaluate, and promote producer responsibility laws and voluntary programs that solve recycling and waste management issues to create a circular economy.

PSI envisions a society in which consumer product producers take primary responsibility for the environmental, health, economic, and social impacts of their products. When producers design and manage their products with the environment in mind, the products we enjoy will become less toxic and more reusable and recyclable.

PSI strives to achieve the following financial, social, and environmental goals with every initiative we undertake:

  • Reduce waste, maximize reuse, and boost recycling while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and the use of toxic chemicals
  • Minimize waste management costs, particularly for taxpayers and government agencies
  • Create safe and desirable recycling and resource management jobs